NutraSan® is your home for natural health products

best of nature & science at your reach

We believe in the power of Nature and Science, as a result all of our formulas are created with 100% natural ingredients, allowing us to have a variety of products with the highest quality in the market.

new line of products

We are dedicated to the Research and Marketing of food supplements.

We have a variety of about 300 products which are distributed in major food stores and pharmacies throughout the United States.

We are committed to service and care therefore allowing us to export our products to countries such as Asia and Latin America. And now, NutraSan® has opened a new products lines for in South America with the same vision that has kept us as a favorite choice with our clients.

Let us introduce to you our line of natural and ADVANCED NUTRITION™ products, already available in MEXICO, which are very popular among professionals due to its quality and effectiveness.

Our formulas have been carefully developed to cover all of our clients specific health needs. Our manufacturing processes have the most rigorous sterilization and sanitation standards and we are proud to have a Good Manufacturing Practice certification. Our customers can count on a complete satisfaction guarantee.

Our laboratories and main offices are located in southern California; we also have sales representatives and offices in Texas, Puerto Rico, Panama, Mexico and Spain.

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